Wednesday 13 January 2016


Today is half-work day.  Teaching all morning, walking out come the afternoon!

Thankfully, my friends arrived safely yesterday and are now settled in the guest room.  I love having them here.  I'm off for a visit to my parents' this afternoon and they will be caring for my house until I get back!  It's a very reassuring feeling.

Yesterday went well.  Loved the teaching even though I was a bit zonked by the evening.  Today I teach my old class again so I'm looking forward to that very much.

Sorry this is short but there's quite a lot to do and I must start.  The planning is all ready but I need to sort out some washing and pack, etc, before getting to school at 7:30.

B:  Toast and marmite, apple
L:  soup, yogurt
D:  Going out somewhere . . .


  1. I'm covering today as my teacher is out all day on a PE course.
    I'm a bit grrr about this as he's not once
    A) told me what he wants me to do
    B) acknowledged the fact I'm taking the class, alone, without me for backup

    My Monday mood has returned!!

  2. Any teacher who did that at our school would get a serious what for!! Yes, TAs do take classes when it is absolutely necessary (and do a great job) but they're never expected to plan and resource a lesson. I hope it has gone well for you.

    Chrissie - thanks. A few days out feels lovely!

    J x