Tuesday 26 January 2016


Hello!  I gather we're going to get what's left of the storm that hit the USA over the weekend only a lot warmer (so no snow).  Guess that means indoor playtime today and there are dire warnings out and about.  My heart goers out to people living in those areas that are already waterlogged and really don't need any more precipitation, thank you.
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After yesterdays bready hiccups, the rest of the day passed rather better.  The dough disaster bread actually wasn't so bad once it had cooled properly and I suspect the main issue (apart from little opportunity to rise) was that I didn't give it quite long enough halo-baking time.  It needs eating up but it will not be a pain to do so!

The oven bread was fine and a little flour concealed the less than smooth top.  It's not been delivered to those for whom I made it.

The second go at halo(pronounced hallo)-bread-making went much better.  It did rise and prove more quickly and baked OK although next time I will reduce the temperature a bit as the top was very brown.  It's now all sliced and in the freezer.
Even though slow risen and proved bread is better, what I produced was a whole lot nicer than shop bought, mass produced stuff.  Not boasting, home made just is.

After delivering the bread and finding out what I have to do today in school, I popped over to Morrisons and managed to pick up a few bargains and a Weight Watcher's Magazine (one has to try sometimes) so I was reading that in between interesting programmes in the evening.

Talking about programmes, there was a new Mary Berry prog, entitled Mary Berry's Foolproof Cooking.  Had to watch that, didn't I?  So I fell asleep just after the start of the celebrity antiques thing and woke up half way through her programme.  From my rather bleary eyed perspective, I thought it was OK although I wouldn't necessarily want to cook lobster, etc.  The roast veg tart looked delicious, as did the beef wellington.  I will watch it again next week and will try to catch up on what I missed.

Today is school day and there's plenty to do so I have meals all ready or easy, more or less.
B:  toast and marmite, apple
L:  vegetable pasta bake (all made and ready to pop into my lunch bag), fruit
D:  bacon, lettuce and tomato bap with coleslaw, yogurt

And finally - remember before Christmas, Beth and I (mostly Beth) were making a table runner and mats for a friend.  Well, we got the photos sorted at last and here's one of them.  We were really pleased.
Please excuse the quality of the photo!


  1. Love that runner and those place mats! So bright and colourful - really lovely. Well done to both of you. :o)
    Have a good few days at school. :o)
    Love, S.xxxx