Friday 1 January 2016

Friday: Happy New Year

Good morning.  Welcome to a new day and, by chance, a new year.  2016.  I wonder how many times we will write and have to correct 2015 before it sticks.  Every year I have made the same mistake and the children have corrected me with laughter all round.  No children to help this year which is a new one for me.

Yesterday was another 'rest and recovery' day.  I'm slowly feeling better and today I must work towards eating properly.  Porridge for breakfast, soup for lunch and I will see how I feel after that.  It's better than nothing - I'm feeling the effects of 'nothing' in a giddy head and an uncomfortable inside.

On to brighter things - we have a frost outside.  It's only the second frost of the season, the other one being in November, if I remember correctly.  It would be nice to have several more, to kill off the weeds and break up the soil.  I haven't been out, not even to the shed, but when I was feeling unwell on Tuesday night I couldn't get warm so closed my window (I like to have one open just a little bit) but even so, last night felt chilly and it's a dressing gown and slippers morning this morning.

I had a quiet evening watching telly, reading a book and getting an early night.  Whether you did the same or partied the old year out and the new year in, I hope you had a good time.

Here's to the new year and may it be better than 2015 for us all.


  1. Happy New Year to you Joy and I hope you feel much better soon x I'm hoping the frosts don't kill off all my bulbs that are through!

  2. ..thankfully, this year it's easy to change the 5 into a 6 ...

    Hope you're feeling better soon and all the best for 2016!