Sunday 24 January 2016


Oh, dear.  I didn't do an entry yesterday.  Really sorry about that, I just forgot.  I was a bit busy in the morning, what with getting to Aldi good and early, etc.  I'm fine, just hoping no-one was worried.
Behind me in the forgetful queue, Mr Forgetful!

As already mentioned, there was quite a lot to pack into yesterday.  I went to Aldi when it opened at eight which is a good time to go as it's not too packed.  I needed bread flour, washing liquid, washing machine stuff and other bits and bobs so it was worth going.  While I was there I invested in some of their butcher's sausages which are really quite nice and they are now nestling in the freezer in twos.

Once home, I did some housework to get the place looking a bit civilised and at around midday Jackie turned up and we went off the the Hare for lunch.  We both had brie and cranberry melts with added bacon and it was so very delicious.  Basically it was a glorified toastie with crisps and coleslaw on the side.  I wasn't too keen on the coleslaw but the rest disappeared!

Then we came back here and chatted endlessly over another coffee.  It was great fun.

After that I did a bit more work before watching some telly and going to bed.

Today, being Sunday, Beth is coming round for lunch.  I'm going to put together some sort of cheesy beany bake but haven't decided whether to base it on potato or pasta yet.  Apart from that it is bread making(I think I shall look for a recipe for burger baps and make some for the freezer) and getting stuff ready for next week as I'm teaching four days.

Today's food
B:  I have eggs that need using up so scrambled egg on toast
L:  Ditto vegetables so I'm making a beany bake of some kind, laden with veg, with sprouts and broccoli on the side.  Should be good.
T:  soup, fruit


  1. I can't remember now - I think she didn't come in the end.
    J x