Tuesday 12 January 2016


Work day.  School day.  Can't seem to wake up day.  Strange how that happens, isn't it?  After a bath and a hair wash I do feel more wide awake now, thank goodness.  I sorted out the planning yesterday so now I have some time to myself before entering the fray.

Although yesterday wasn't extremely cold according to the thermometer, it actually felt jolly chilly and I gather it will be colder today.  It's a shame I am on playground duty this afternoon but never mind, it will be fresh air and the classrooms can get quite stuffy at this time of year.
Not as cold as this, I hope.
That's about it for today.  Fingers crossed my friends are able to travel today.

B:  Toast and something
L:  Vegetable pie, fruit
D:  Lentil soup, bread and butter, yogurt


  1. I too am on duty today. I cannot stand the stuffy heat in our classroom. The ancient massive Victorian radiator is far too big for our modern insulated classroom! I wish they'd turn the heating off! Save so much money!!!

  2. Ours isn't so bad, being a more modern building, but it gets a bit much at times. It's really just when it gets colder that the heat seems to build, perhaps because people don't open the windows as much.
    J x

  3. Well, we finally made it and are so pleased to be here with you now. Thanks for the lovely welcome. :o)
    Have a good day today.

  4. :-) Lovely to see you!
    J xxx