Wednesday 20 January 2016


I was up early again this morning because it's a half day in school.  It's all go at the moment with something on every day this week.
It's still jolly cold and I had an earlier bath to warm myself up (very nice too).

Yesterday was fun.  I enjoyed the time I spent in school, first with Y1 and then with FS.  They are all growing and moving on so quickly now, you'd hardly believe they are the same children.  The worst bit was afternoon playground duty which was, frankly, freezing cold and we were glad to get back in again.
We needed these, I can tell you!
No outside duty today, thank goodness.  Just RE, music and PSHE with a slot in the library and a family assembly.  And then I can walk out at lunchtime and go home!  Nice one.

Food:  I haven't really worked it out properly but it will probably be
B: crumpets, fruit
L: cuppa soup of some kind, hot cross bun
D: something ready made (but home made) from the freezer.

Have a great day!


  1. Guess it is still a lovely feeling to leave and have the afternoon to yourself. Jx

  2. It is rather, although I still have this strange sense of guilt as I do so! Weird or what!
    J x

  3. I used to have a Friday afternoon off and felt absolutely no guilt whatsoever about skipping out of those gates!

  4. :-) You are more sensible than I!
    J x