Monday 11 January 2016


A few days ago I watched a programme on playback which was about what people bought in 2015.  It was really interesting and I sat there thinking 'no, not me, didn't fall for that, etc, and, more than once, 'never heard of it!'  It was things like spiralisers, nutribullets, sex things (after the film 'fifty shades of grey'), etc.

One thing, however, had caught my eye and a few day before I had bought half of what I needed.  Don't laugh - it was an adult colouring book.  I've always loved colours.  Many a time I have stood transfixed in front of a display of yarn, fabric or cottons, just taking in the range of colour shades.

So I got the book and looked for colouring pencils.  I bought a few in Hobbycraft but then found a large collection on Amazon so ordered them.
They arrived yesterday so now there's no stopping me.  I've already done a bit more this morning.  It doesn't have to be perfect, just perfect for me!

Anyway - back to normal things.  Yesterday was nice.  I love it when Beth comes over.  We chat away, share ideas and generally have a good time.
The hybrid vegetable lasagne crumble was really very tasty indeed.  It didn't look 'healthy' but actually it was.  High in vegetables, low in fat.  I was concerned that the taste of the two processed cheese slices would be lost but actually they gave a real cheese hit to the middle.  And it made enough for three so guess what my dinner is today!

I shall do this again.

Today I have bread to make and I also intend popping into school, partly to deliver the bread and partly to get to grips with this week's planning.  Yes, I could sort of do it at home but the school laptops have the right software so it makes it all faster.  Shame I don't get paid for that, isn't it?  (smiling as I type)

I also have to do a bit of housework.  I was expecting friends to stay last week but that didn't come off.  This week I am expecting them again so fingers crossed.

Today's food:
B:  porridge with yogurt and pineapple and a splash of maple syrup
L:  home made soup, slice of bread, apple
D:  leftovers from yesterday, fruit


  1. Joy I love the adult colouring books Mike had one in hospital and I couldn't understand why he was not interested I would have loved a go

  2. It's very absorbing and relaxing. I'm enjoying it. Why not treat yourself to one.
    J x

  3. Good for you, I've been tempted so many times but haven't been able to allow the inner child in me out yet.

    But, maybe if I used it as a way of working out colours to help with my knitting, it's a thought! :-)

  4. Aw, go on, Annabeth. It's fun. :-)
    J x