Thursday 21 January 2016


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Good morning to all my lovely readers.  It's very cold and a bit misty out there right now which means everything is covered with frost which looks lovely.  The word is that it's going to get a bit warmer which probably means rain again - why on earth can't it snow when it's colder then?  Very frustrating.

I did my half day stint in school yesterday morning and thoroughly enjoyed myself.  I was especially pleased with the music lesson (music is one of my 'specialities') and I know the children were very pleased with the progress they have made over these last three weeks.  Even better, it was a no-marking morning.  Can't ask for better than that!

A couple of days ago I read on Diane's blog (Good Morning Early Readers) that she'd made some toasted sarnies.  I used to have a toastie maker and had a sudden urge to look around on Amazon and see what they're like nowadays with a view to maybe getting one.  I did and I didn't as they all looked pretty expensive and I just wasn't sure enough.

However, while getting a few bits and bobs in Morrisons, I noticed that they had one at £8.  Now, for such a cheap price it is going to be a very basic model: the plates aren't removable, making cleaning them more awkward, and they won't be deep fill (which is probably better for more frugal toasties anyway) but I bought one thinking that I will give it a go and if I use it a lot, then maybe I can justify getting a better one at some point in the future.  It's not too big and there's a corner of a cupboard where it will fit nicely.

I reckon the loaves I make in my square loaf tin will be just the right size, although there isn't time today so I am going to break my rule and buy some sliced bread, just because . . .
When I do make a loaf in the square tin (tomorrow?), I can slice it up and freeze the slices in twos.

I am also in school this morning but as a voluntary thing.  Next week I'm doing three days with the same class and I want to see what the class routines are, how phonics is taught, etc.  I suppose you could call it an observation but not a nasty one.   I shouldn't need to stay all morning, probably just until playtime.  Then I will be back in the afternoon but as a nanny-helper.

Someone asked me why I retired if I spend all this time in school.  It is quite different, doing what I do now.  There isn't the crushing pressure (I felt crushed anyway, although others probably didn't) in all sorts of areas of the job any more and I get to spend time with and teach the children which is what the job has always been about, for me.
I'm a lot happier now - which I never thought I would say, but it is true.  I think it is the best of both worlds.

B:  porridge with pineapple and yogurt
L:  home made soup (probably sweet potato and lentil), bread and butter, fruit
D:  It has to be toasted cheese and pickle sandwich with some salady bits on the side, doesn't it?

Now I need coffee . . .


  1. I will be interested in the outcome of the toasty maker. Oh and by the way you are quite right about me venting some of my feeling on the blog - it is one one way to unload.

  2. It always helps to be able to unload.
    The toasty was OK - a bit soggy but I don't think I filled it enough really. I forgot how much cheese they take. It tasted good though!
    J x

  3. It was chutney really - apple and onion - and very nice!