Tuesday 5 January 2016


Hi - welcome to what feels like a mild morning but that might be because I woke a bit later this morning so the heating has worked its usual magic.  I read somewhere yesterday that things are predicted to get a lot colder next week but couldn't discover what 'lot' meant.  The way things have been going it could mean only just above freezing and still be a substantial drop, couldn't it?

Back to work today.  I went into school to drop off the bread and stayed for the rest of the day, sorting out all the planning until half term (hopefully).  I will only need one lot of planning right up to then, personally, but it will ease the way for whoever does it.  I was a bit shocked at how quickly I have forgotten.  I had to look up the planning of others to see what columns/info I needed.  It took forever but, phew, all done now.

So today is phonics, English, maths and then Foundation Stage with music.  All go!

Porridge with dried cherries; pasta bolognaise and fruit; beans on toast.  I swapped lunch and dinner because I suspect I will be too tired to do much this evening.

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