Tuesday 19 January 2016


Welcome to another very chilly morning with a heavy frost.  I have just been out to the shed and I was glad to get back indoors, I can tell you.  Brrrrrr . . .

I did my usual baking of bread yesterday and popped into school to deliver it.  I didn't stay to work, not yesterday, but drove over to Alex's school to pick him up as Beth had to wait in for a delivery (which didn't actually come until the evening!).

In the morning I had a very pleasant surprise.  Beth turned up (which is always the most pleasant thing anyway) but she brought with her a lovely big bouquet of flowers just for me for being Mum.  Aaaawwww.  They are gorgeous; thank you so much, Beth.  It really made my day.

Today is school day so that's going to take up all my time really.  Year 1 and then foundation stage.  I'm hoping there's not much marking.  :-)

It's really a leftovers day today.  Lunch and dinner are both out of the freezer and just need warming up.
B:  toast, apple
L:  Vegetable korma and rice - very small portion, orange
D:  leftover Chinese takeaway, yogurt and pineapple


  1. How wonderful to get flowers out of the blue like that. A lovely gesture, well deserved!

  2. How lovely re the flowers - what a smashing daughter!
    We have been away at the weekend too & saw some snow - this time on the Welsh mountain tops - brrrr- but very pretty.

  3. It really was delightful and they are gorgeous. Lucky me.
    J x

  4. I might even just buy a Chinese takeaway now, not to eat, just to portion up as leftovers!!!

  5. I've often bought extra, not just for the variety but so that I can freeze more for other times. :-)
    J x