Thursday 28 January 2016


Two down, one to to go.  I'm shattered.  It's frightening how quickly one can get used to an easier pace and less able to cope with the unrelenting pace and pressure that typifies teaching nowadays.  As the others trooped off to staff meeting, I went back into the bay to tidy and finish off, remembering that after the meeting, they would then all have to do the same thing.

Having said all that, it was a very nice day.  The fire engine thing was fantastic and the children were so, so excited.  The follow up work was all finished and in their books - sorry, their learning journals - by the time I was ready to go home.  And I was asleep in my chair by quarter to seven and asleep in bed well before nine.

Today is more of the same except that I have now got a better handle on the organisation of the day and have 'taken ownership' of it, as they say, making a few slight adaptations which, I hope, will make things flow better.  We only missed one playtime yesterday - fingers crossed for the same or better today.

B:  toast
L:  soup and fruit
D:  probably jacket potato with tuna and a salad.


  1. We had a force 9 and pouring rain yesterday but today it is colder but dry and still.

  2. Strong winds from lunch time and some heavy rain p.m. but not as bad as we expected.
    J x