Saturday 30 January 2016


I'm up early (for Saturday) after a rotten night.  It's weird because after three days of teaching I was totally zonked and thought I'd be tucked up and snoring by nine.
Rather like this . . .
I've got a cold and am aching but I think what did the damage is the diet coke - when you're mostly caffeine free, I guess three cans of diet coke is going to have an impact.  I never thought of that when I remembered that I had some left over from Christmas!  What an idiot!

Yesterday, however, was lovely.  I was really in the swing of things, I got all the work finished and most of it in their books and I even enjoyed the PE lesson (not my favourite subject) although I had forgotten the impact of 'hop, skip and jump around all the spaces in the room' on little bladders and there was a queue for the loo at one point.  Fortunately there are loos just off the hall and we didn't have any 'accidents'.

I think I shall miss it on Monday.

As for today - well, I shall go back to bed shortly, having taken some parawotsits for the coldy aches and a mug of coffee (decaf) to warm my insides.
When I do wake up it's the old weekend chores as last year - washing, etc, ironing, baking and so on.  The cleaners worked their usual magic yesterday so that's one thing I do not have to worry about!

Food today is simple and frugal
B:  (if I have any) porridge with pineapple
L:  home made soup, probably carrot and lentil, made in Thermione, of course
D:  jacket potato with tuna mayo and a salad of sorts (from what I already have)

And I have to start thinking of tomorrow's dinner.

Have a good day and I hope the weather hasn't created too much trouble for you.


  1. Sleep well and I hope the cold improves

  2. So sorry to read that you have a cold - poor you, what a nuisance! You really could do with sleeping well and I do hope you are able to catch many 40 wink sessions today.
    Sounds like you have had some lovely days at school. :o)
    GET WELL SOON! S.xxxx