Thursday 14 January 2016


I keep thinking that it's Saturday.  That's because I'm away and all my life - most of my life anyway - the time to be away is the weekend!  But it's not Saturday, it's Thursday and a very chilly Thursday it is too.  It's too dark to see what the weather is like but I can tell it has been very wet!

Yesterday was a very pleasant day.  For a start it was sunny all day.  School in the morning was great and I was particularly pleased with my music lesson which tackled something they found extremely difficult last week and which they really got to grips with yesterday.  I love teaching music and it's great when they succeed like that.
No, it wasn't like this at all but this made me smile!
Then I popped home to check all was well for my lovely guests who are house sitting for me before packing and driving up here.

We went out for dinner and I'm afraid all my good intentions flew out of the window as I ordered the fish and chips.  However, I did have the smallest option and I did have a diet drink too so it could have been worse.

Today is, I hope, a slow and gentle day.  I know we are going to Tescos after breakfast - it's a nice big Tesco so I shall enjoy looking round.  After that mum and I are either sorting out her freezer or playing with her new toy - a food mixer thingy.  For decades (and I really do mean decades) she has had a Kenwood which has done her proud but it finally went the way of all mixers so she got a new one.  It's got all sorts of gadgets and functions and we're going to play!

I forgot to mention the other day - I meandered down to the garden shed and saw that a lot of my snowdrops are in flower.  They look very pretty but it's very early, even for snowdrops.  On the way over yesterday I saw daffodils out too and there are big fat buds on Mum's daffs in the garden.

I got a bit of a thrill yesterday.  On Facebook I got a mesage from someone (in reply to a totally unrelated matter) asking if I was the Joy who wrote the Diary of a Teacher blog.  Fame at last?  No, no way, but it was nice because she enjoys reading it.  Thanks very much for the lovely comment!

I'm sitting here in a very cosy and comfortable bed, laptop before me, coffee to the left, book to the right, no pressures to get up, get dressed, get started.  It's lovely!

Not rally sure but it will be toast and fruit for breakfast because it always is, possibly soup for lunch and I don't think even mum knows what she's going to cook for dinner tonight.

Have a lovely day, gentle readers, and whatever else you do, stay warm and cosy.