Friday 29 January 2016


Good morning, gentle readers.  Yesterday morning was so chilly there was a frost.  Today seems a lot milder.  BBC weather tells be it's in double figures but I don't believe that: it doesn't feel that mild.

One more day to go and I am free again!  I know, silly me, but anyone whop says it must be easy teaching four year olds because they are so small needs their head examining - or a healthy dose of taking a reception class for a week or so.

Actually I have been enjoying it.  I felt I was getting into the swing of things yesterday and today is all sorted and organised, which is good.  I will enjoy Monday though.

This is short and sweet because the cleaners are coming today and I need to do a bit of clearing up.  Just like the olden days, in fact!

Have a lovely day.


  1. I bet you weren't fully over what laid you low last time and the germ ridden beings in those classrooms do like to share! I'm amazed though, that our immune systems are not steel hard!!!

  2. Perhaps not and yes, there are bugsies going the rounds. You can't avoid it really, can you?

    J x