Saturday 2 January 2016


(apologies to people who have been looking for this.  I wrote it yesterday as I sometimes do and accidentally published instead of saving)

Welcome to a chilly Sunday morning.  Dressing gown and slippers, definitely, and I might spoil myself by turning up the heat a bit for a while.

Well, I thought I was better and I am feeling a bit better, really, but it's still not right.  Eating is definitely dodgy (which is why I feel cold, I bet) and I lack to motivation to get up and do much, miserable thing that I am.  So I'm starting to plan meals again - fingers crossed that it will help.

Yesterday I managed to make some porridge (now I am out of oats) and for lunch I made some Yorkshires (well it is milk and an egg, you see).  Didn't fancy much dinner but had some crackers with some soft cheese which settled comfortably.

Today I might even get dressed (for the first time in nearly a week - eeeeek)

Scrambled egg, maybe on toast (see how I feel), banana; small jacket potato with tuna and maybe a salad, satsuma; soup, a toasted tuna sarnie (must eat it up), apple.
That's a lot more than I have eaten since Tuesday so fingers crossed.

Not as much as this though!!!
The good side is that I must have lost some weight!  It will be the unfairest thing ever if I haven't!


  1. Sorry you are still not right the older you get the longer things take to mend. Take it easy and eat only what you fancy. I have been on hot sweet tea for a couple of days as that is all I wanted.

  2. Feeling ill s the absolute worst thing at Christmas. I reckon by Wednesday you'll be right as rain. Are you back at school tomorrow?

  3. Sound advice, Diane, it is helping too. I've only needed to take one lot of meds today and none overnight so it has to be getting better.
    Rachel, I was sensible enough to avoid it until everyone had gone home! School starts tomorrow but not officially for me. I will be going in to find out what I'm doing on Tuesday!
    J x