Sunday 10 January 2016


Hi, welcome to Sunday!  It feels quite mild but I bet it isn't really.  It always feels warmer when there's no wind, inside as well as out!  I need to open my bedroom window again as I'm waking up too hot.

Yesterday was a 'stay in' day.  I did the usual - a bit of work, a bit of telly watching and a lot of crocheting!  We have more orders for crocheted coasters which is nice for Kitty Stitches!

Today Beth is over for lunch so I have that to get sorted.  Apart from that and a little bit of planning to go over and prepare for, I'm free.  It feels nice.

The weather forecasts seem increasingly to be predicting snow for next week.  I wonder . . .

B: eggy bread, apple
D:  vegetable pie, roasties, peas, carrots, fruit*
T:  tomato scones with soft cheese and chutney.  Yogurt and pineapple

And now - coffee, of course!

* After a good trawl through the fridge, I changed this.  I'm still using the vegetable tomato-ey mix but it's layered with cheese slices and a few odd scraps of lasagne sheets I found and then it has a crumble topping.  All stuff that needed using up so fingers crossed!  I found sprouts so we'll have them instead of the peas.  And no roasties because of the lasagne and the topping.


  1. Thank you for your comment Joy, you always make me feel better xxx

    I once tried crocheting and the only thing I was able to produce was a single strand about 2345678 miles long... the world's tiniest scarf? Or the thinnest rope ever made? I can't remember what I was aiming for but sadly it was another example of how un-crafty I am :-(

  2. < chuckle > I suppose you could have used it to tie up presents - a sort of rustic look!

    J x

  3. Happy Sunday! It's been blowing a gale all night. Today I might venture into Morrissons to see if they've any flat iron steak. Mmmm. Your lunch sounds good! I can't believe we have done a week at school already! Five weeks to go!

  4. Happy Sunday to you too. I have no idea about overnight but it is almost sunny here right now.
    I changed the lunch plan a bit after trawling through the fridge. I'll edit the post, I think!
    Yup - just five weeks and you'll be half way through the school year!
    J x

  5. The eggy bread sounds delicious - it's been years since I had this. Tomato scones sound absolutely delicious, too.
    Have a good week - so look forward to seeing you. :o)
    S xxx

  6. It was scrummy, Sonja. :-)
    See you
    J x