Monday 18 January 2016


Good morning, everyone.  It's cold here, but dry.  No snow.

As I was driving home yesterday the snow gradually disappeared and less that halfway through the journey it was obvious that there had been very little or none.  It was a good journey, the roads were just about empty and there were no hold ups.
I was just lucky to be staying away and to see a bit of the pretty white stuff really.

It was nice to get home.  My parents' home is like a home from home for me but really there's nothing like your own cosy space, is there?  I slept really well last night too!

This morning it's back to normal.  The bread dough has just about risen and will need knocking back and shaping soon.  I have some washing to do and, as it is Monday, I will be popping into school to get some planning under my belt as well as taking in the bread for my two customers.

That's about it really.  Just normal stuff on a normal day.  Nice.

B:  toast and soft cheese, apple
L:  celery soup, bread and butter
D:  roast turkey, roast pots, broccoli, sprouts; yogurt and pineapple

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