Friday 8 January 2016


Sorry this is a bit late.  I'm afraid I forgot which sounds odd when I've written in the morning for years now, but I did.  It's cold out, but sunny and I am looking forward to a trip to Hobbycraft for a few necessary items - yes, really necessary.  Honest!

Earlier this morning I logged into Jack Monroe's site to grab a recipe for soda bread made with coconut milk.  It's extremely nice and I would recommend a visit.

That's about it really - must go and get ready and then sacrifice myself to the common good in Hobbycraft.

Oh - food:
B:  toast and peanut butter
L:  I have some old tomatoes to roast and I will either make soup or have them on toast.  Apple
D:  chicken peppercorn kiev, wedges, small salad.  Pear


  1. Do you remember the peanut butter and celery for afters on Bodychef? I really like it and added some to the canapes I made for a birthday tea last week. My OH and I were the only ones eating them, LOL!

  2. Yes - it was delicious! Wish I could afford to go back to Bodychef. I still use their plastic pots and very useful they are too.
    J x

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