Friday 15 January 2016


I'm still having a wonderful time doing nice, homey, relaxing things with my parents.  It's so nice to be able to stay for a bit longer.

Yesterday we rootled around in their freezer before deciding on meals and I took responsibility for cooking dinner last night.  I made so much we are having the same again tonight!  Ooops!
Borrowed from Google.
We went to Tesco and we went to Chapman's (best butcher in the country - no I haven't tried them all).  We came home, warmed up and had a lazy afternoon.  I made the savoury mince and mash for the cottage pie and then did very little.  I like meals that can be prepared beforehand!

It's too cold to go out anywhere in particular so we're staying inside most of the time.  Today I think we are going to the health food shop as I need another bag of dried cranberries (wonderful in muffins and porridge) and we're going to play with mum's new mixer!!!

That's it really.

B:  toast and fruit
L:  pea soup, bead, fruit
D:  cottage pie and assorted veg,
Plus snacks!