Thursday 7 January 2016


Hello, gentle readers.  Welcome to a rather chilly morning here in lovely Essex.  No school this morning, I didn't HAVE to get up, so why did I wake at around four?  It must be one of those Murphy's Law thingies - when you have to wake early you can't and when you don't, you bounce out of bed full of the joys!  Occasionally I find it annoying, mostly it's just a shrug of the shoulders and lets get on with it!

Yesterday was lovely.  I had a good time teaching Y2 music and then I had my last year's class after play.  They hadn't been told it was me and a rather embarrassing cheer went up as I opened the door to let them in from play.  Nice though!
What was also nice was shutting up shop at 12:15, filling in my time sheet, clearing away and coming home!  No marking, which was lucky.

So what did I do in the afternoon?  Slept, that's what I did.  I'm glad I did because I was able to stay awake to watch 'Trust me, I'm a doctor'.  However I watched about fifteen minutes, switched off and went up.  Maybe I just wasn't that receptive yesterday but it seemed so dull.  I'll try it again this morning on iPlayer.

This morning I am staying in to get the house ready for guests.  This afternoon I will be nanny helping at school.  So quite a full day!

Food:  When I got home yesterday I was so tired that although I had got food out of the freezer, I didn't eat much.  I think I'm still a bit post-virus-y and last week really messed up my routines.  So today I have food to eat or chuck.
B:  Scrambled egg on toast, pear
L:  Chinese takeaway leftovers, satsuma
T:  Sweet potato and lentil soup, bread, yogurt and pineapple

Well, it is not past six so I think first coffee is in order, followed by second coffee and breakfast.  Better get started.  Enjoy your day and stay warm in this increasingly cold weather!


  1. Chinese takeaway leftovers have to be The. Best. Thing. In. The. World. To. Eat. Ever!!!

  2. Oh, they are. They're lovely. I swear the flavour develops in the freezer!
    J x