Monday 1 February 2016


A pinch and a punch
For the first of the month.

And having got that little bit of traditional violence over and done with, welcome to February, cold, damp and with a red sky that doesn't bode well . . .

I live in hope, even though snow days are in the past for me now.
Yesterday I spent most of the morning in and out of the kitchen concocting a vegetable curry that ended up absolutely delicious, even though I rather cheated with some rogan josh curry paste in a jar.  It was one of those dishes where you just keep adding bits and bobs as you think of them.  There's no way I could recipe-ise it but as far as I can remember I used onion, carrot, peppers, mushrooms, peas, sweet potato, broccoli, celery and sweet corn and the sauce was made of the aforementioned paste, garlic puree, passata, coconut milk*, some marigold bouillon, salt and pepper.
I think.
*  I have some coconut milk powder which you mix up one part powder to four parts water.  Very useful.

Anyway, it was delicious and I am thrilled that there are four more portions in the freezer and that I was able to give Beth two portions to take home.

With it, I ummed and ahed between rice and noodles and in the end made some flat breads instead.  Again delicious - SR flour, yogurt, salt and a smidgeon of baking powder and so, so easy.  It's on t'other blog.  Just follow the link.

In the afternoon Beth sewed and I crocheted.  The cat bum coasters are now all made and ready for dispatch as the dosh rolls in!
Not the best photo in the world but you get the idea!
After posting a photo of the runner and table mats that we made before Christmas as an order from a friend, we now have another order for a runner so out came the sewing machine and the ironing board and by the end of the afternoon Beth had sewn the strips together.  We now have to get some wadding so can't go on any further until that arrives.

These certainly brightened up someone's Christmas dinner table, didn't they?
I have no particular plans for today apart from bread making and maybe popping over to Aldi for some bits and bobs.  I will see what turns up as I meander through the day trying not to look too lazy!

I've been very good and planned my meals for the week in the hopes that it will keep me on the straight and narrow.  I can hope.
Here's today's
B:  Porridge with pineapple and maple syrup
L:  Odds and Ends soup, bread roll, fruit
D:  Home made smoky bacon pot noodles, fruit yogurt.


  1. Very cute and amusing coasters!
    Can I order some to be sent to my son and daughter-in-law?

  2. You may, yes. Do you have access to Facebook? I ask because you can contact us by pm there. My daughter deals with that side of things.
    Thank you very much.
    J x

  3. I"m on Facebook. Are you called Diary of a Teacher there?

  4. No. Look for Kitty Stitches - there's a photo of bunting at the top and some out of date Christmas stuff in messages - we have to update it - and send a pm.
    J x

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