Monday 4 January 2016


At last the holidays are over and children everywhere are back to work this week, bless them, as are the adults who work with them.  I am due back in on Tuesday but will be going in today to find out what I am doing on Tuesday and Wednesday morning as well as delivering the bread.  Yes, that has restarted too!

Yesterday was the Day of the Big Wind.  No, I am not talking meteorologically, I am talking digestively!   Thankfully, my body has decided to start getting back to normal. aided by the first 'proper' eating for nearly a week.  I suppose it can't digest if there's nothing to digest.  As the day went on and things - er - released themselves, the cramps and aches more or less disappeared and I do feel a load better.  No meds, not even overnight either.  Woo hoo, what a relief.  Things are still rather uncomfortable but definitely improving.

Apart from all that, I found the motivation to sort out the remaining leftovers, some of which, sadly, ended up binned.  No-one wants ten day old custard, for example.  The veg all seems to be OK and the cheese is holding its own so I don't need to worry unduly about that.  I might even manage to hit Morrisons.

So today I start by getting my dough made and move on to the usual routine of coffee, kitchen, etc.  Today's food plans are:
B:  beans on toast, banana
L:  broccoli soup with a crumble of Stilton on top, apple
D:  spad bol (the bol bit is from the freezer), fruit


  1. Glad your innards are smoothing themselves out! X have a good day at work X

  2. Glad you're doing better!
    Definitely a case of better out than in - and very well done on timing The Big Wind for an otherwise quiet at home day ;-)