Saturday 2 January 2016


Good morning, gentle readers.  It's a chilly but frost free morning here and I am umming and ahing about going back up to get the old dressing gown.  Did anywhere get snow yesterday?  I wish we could have just a little bit. especially after the Snowmageddon we were promised last October/November!  Real snow, not just five minutes in the middle of some cold rain, I mean.

I'm feeling more normal again today and am facing the fact that there's rather a load of stuff I have to do.  The kitchen has been totally neglected and, as a result, there's now stuff I have to throw out which is galling but inevitable.  I also have a bit of planning to do and some messaging with which to catch up.

However, I am treating the whole episode (which wasn't a tum upset in the usual sense, far from it) as an opportunity to get more balance in my eating.  I haven't eaten very much at all, unlike the days straight after Christmas, and must take it easy for some days to come, not that I feel like eating much anyway, which helps.  I don't want to go shopping so I will feed the bin,  make do with whatever I have and be frugal.

I need a coffee so I'd better get started.  Have a good day, one and all.


  1. Glad you're feeling better today
    I know its easily said, but I can't tell you how much I wish I didn't feel like eating much right now ;-)

  2. Since that is usually my default, I can sympathise . . .
    J x

  3. Sorry you are under the weather the only thing I fancy is hot sweet tea!!!!i don't take sugar in tea and would normally not drink it. Who knows what is going on but I am going with the flow.

  4. The sugar is quick energy, isn't it? I'm drinking a lot of water at the moment but coffee came back into fashion again yesterday and was very comforting to my innards - the warmth was anyway!
    Take care.
    J x