Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Breadline 16-4-15

Already spend:  £28.85 (I opened a refill pack of coffee this morning so that's £2.00 up straight away!)
Still to spend:  31.15

Today's menu:
Breakfast on toast:  beans (12p) on toast (paid), apple juice (paid)

Lunch: Tuna (61p) mayo (4p) with carrot batons (6p), tomatoes (free), fruit (free)
(half of the tuna mayo will do for another meal b ut I have included the whole cost here)
Dinner:  stepping out of breadline for a very major and happy celebration with my guests.

Spent so far today:  83p - sounds very little but it doesn't count dinner!

By the end of today I will be half way through the first month of Breadline (allowing for last weekend away) and I have  spent about half.  Looking good!

Of things I have paid for, I still have oil, butter, jam, marmalade, cheese, oats, potatoes and milk - oh, and coffee.  Most of these should last out the month or nearly so.  However, working towards a date that is not the end of the month is slightly doing my head in so I might just take off two day's worth of money instead.  That would work better for me which is what it is all about.  It might seem very inflexible and in a way it is, but within that there is some leaway!  As long as it isn't all that often.

Oh - one more thing - I'm losing weight!  Yay!


  1. Looks like you're doing really well on the spending -and losing weight as well! Win win!

  2. It's going well at the moment, yes. Fingers crossed for the longer term! :-)
    J x

  3. You're doing so well, Joy - you can see the difference. Good for you. :o))

  4. Can you? Aw, thanks, Sonja!
    J x