Sunday, 5 April 2015

Breadline 5-4-15

Spent so far: £15.38

Still to spend: £44.62

Today's food:
Breakfast:  1 English muffin (11p), 2 rashers bacon (10p), 1 egg (14p), orange juice  (paid).

Dinner:  roast chicken 42p*, Yorkshires (6p), roast pots (paid), carrots (5p).

Tea:  toast (paid), tuna melt (made with leftover tuna from yesterday, already paid) and grated cheese (paid),
The tuna melt was delicious and I will post the recipe tomorrow.

And then I only went and finished off the Yorkshires (12p)!  It hasn't hurt the budget much but it won't have done the calories much good. Ah, well!

Current total: £1.00

*  I roasted a chicken (three for a tenner) today and got eight portions out of it, plus a good stock.  Two for lunch, four portions are sliced meat and two are 'bits'.  Great value.

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