Thursday, 2 April 2015

Breadline: 2-4-15

All good so far.  In fact, yesterday I had to pop 11p back in because Beth had lunch here and that was her share of the toast, butter and coffee that I had already accounted for!
Apart from that it was all pretty easy except that I swapped a coffee for a tea so that's 1p back in.  Take care of the pennies, as the saying goes.

So . . .
Total so far (out of £60)  £12.94
Paid back  11p

Total spent:  £12.83
(being slightly dyscalculic, it's a headache working out these figures so please be kind with any errors.  They are either accurate or pretty close)

B:  3 slices streaky bacon 15p (reduced), 2 slices bread (paid), orange juice (paid)

L:   tomato scone 3p, 1/8 tub of soft cheese 7p, small spoonful chutney home made so no idea but am guessing 5p, 

D:  Turkey curry  75p, 

And 12p for coffee!

Already spent:   (including money back and a carton of orange juice because once it's open it has to be used)  £13.41
Today's spend:  1.09

Spent so far:  £14.50
Left to spend: £45.50

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