Thursday, 30 April 2015

Breadline 1-5-15

New month, new budget - 31 days' worth this time.  I'll hold what I have left over, money wise, in reserve, just in case it is needed.
Already spent:  £2.91
Left to spend £57.09 (which looks pretty healthy from this end of the month.

Today's menu
Breakfast: granola (4p) with pineapple (6p) and yogurt (paid)
Lunch:  tomato scone x 2 (6p), soft cheese (8p), chutney (5p), fruit (paid)

Dinner:  We (my guests and I) have a super whizz fantastic celebration for something wonderful that has happened so it's take away Chinese with (gasp) alcohol!  Off Breadline, of course, so the total today will be the full £2.00
(because that's how it works!)

(Yes it does!)

So, spent today £2.00

Left over from April I have:
jam and marmalade
skimmed milk
grated cheese (quite a lot plus I have more that I bought very much reduced what I haven't accounted for yet)
fruit juice

And bought in preparation I have
peanut butter
sweet potatoes
white cabbage

Plus the left over cash!

The 'rules' will stay more or less the same.

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