Tuesday, 7 April 2015


I thought I was getting better at not waking so early but today was a pre-4 o'clock wake which is always rather a pain.  It was a bit of a restless night too.  After all the lifting and carrying and generally being physical yesterday, I was expecting to sleep well but it was not to be.  Never mind, I am sure I will atch up tonight.

After a cold start yesterday the sun came out and for a while it was lovely.  Out I went and started sorting out the pit I call the shed.  It's a shame the bin was nearly full anyway because I now have five bags of rubbish to take to the tip or to hold on to and bin a few at a time until they are gone.  The plus side is that I can now get to my gardening stuff, the things on the shelves and both freezers without any hassle.  I also found a few missing things while I was at it.

After a while I started feeling quite chilly and it looked suspiciously like rain.  When my feet are cold, even when I'm walking around, some of my toes have a funny habit of cramping.  It's a very odd feeling, not exactly painful but very uncomfortable and not terribly nice.  Beth will remember the same thing happened a few times in the pool at Center Parcs last year and I had to get out and warm up my toes.  Anyway, they got a bit crampy yesterday but I had nearly finished so it wasn't long before they warmed up..

Before I started on the shed I popped round to Wyvale and picked up some seeds - carrot, mixed lettuce and radish, simple stuff that I can grow in pots.  I had a good look round but I guess it's a bit early for the interesting stuff.  I looked carefully at the herbs but there wasn't anything I want particularly as I have mint (3 kinds), thyme, oregano, sage, parsley (which needs replacing but there wasn't any there), bay and rosemary.  I don;t have room for all that much more anyway.

Dinner was nice.  I used some of the left over chicken with some veg and made a pot pie.  For the lid I mixed up some SR flour with yogurt and a bit of salt and it was good.  It came out a bit crunchy on the outside and soft and fluffy underneath and I will definitely make it again.

Today I will be seeing some old friends and we will no doubt talk about my retitrement as they are all ex-colleagues and we go back a long way!  Should be good!  More garden in the afternoon.  I want to sort out the grow bags from last year and tidy up all the pots which seem to have taken up residence in various parts of the garden!

And now I need to sort out today's food, get the yogurt on and, most importantly, make the first coffee of the day.


  1. Hope you had a lovely time meeting up with your old friends and ex-colleagues.
    Wasn't it a glorious day yesterday? Really very warm in the afternoon with lovely sunshine - hot in the car though. We had to put the air con on yesterday for the first time this year.
    Have a lovely day today. S.xxx

  2. I did, thanks, it was great fun. It was indeed a glorious day!
    J x