Monday, 6 April 2015

Breadline: 6-4-15

Spent so far: £16.51

Still to spend:  £43.49

Today's food:
Breakfast:  porridge (paid) with pineapple (6p) and yogurt (paid), orange juice (paid)
Lunch:  toast (paid), beef paste (13p), toasted hot crossless bun (10p)
Dinner:  chicken pot pie - chicken (42p), peppers and mushroom (27p), half an onion (3p), braised leeks (free), carrots (5p).
Topping for the pie - I tried a mix of SR flour (2p) and yogurt (paid) and it was rather nice.  A bit crisp on top and soft and fluffy underneath.  Great for soaking up the pie gravy.  I will make that again.
Apple (13p)
Coffee (paid)

Current total: £1.21

It occurred to me that a brief explanation on a regular basis might be a good idea, in case there are visitors who haven't a clue what I'm on about.
Breadline can be found here.  Scroll down for more information and yes, some things have been adapted to make is a more sensible long-term project.  It is fairly self-explanatory and when the 'actual week' comes along this year I will be fund raising one way or another.
In the meanwhile, Beth (daughter) and I decided that it would be a good thing to do in the longer term for several reasons.
1.  It saves money, always an attractive proposition in this day and age.
2.  It forces us to consider very carefully what we choose to buy and eat, in order to maximise flavour and minimise waste.
3.  I am finding that a side effect is that I am losing weight - also a good thing for someone my size!
4.  It forces us to use our cooking/baking skills to make from scratch rather than buying pre-packed, pre cooked and expensive (and not as nice!)
5.  It's a challenge!

Did I say 'brief' explanation?  Ooops!

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