Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Breadline: 1-4-15

And here we go.  Day 1

Today's food is.
Breakfast: porridge with yoghurt and pineapple.  Oats, yogurt and milk already accounted for, pineapple 5.5p.

Lunch:  beans on toast and muffin (the American kind).  Bread and butter already accounted for, beans, 12p (half a can, savers), muffin 5p

Dinner:  turkey meatballs in tomato and veg sauce 53p, pasta 8p, pineapple and yogurt 5.5p

Coffees through the day x 4 = 12p  I have it black with no sugar.

Total for day:  96p plus things already accounted for.

Already accounted:  11-98
Today's spend:  96

Total so far (out of £60)  £12.94

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