Saturday, 18 April 2015

Breadline: 18-4-15

Spent so far:  £35.11
Still to spend:  £24.89

Today's menu
Breakfast:  sourdough pancakes (8p), yogurt (paid), pineapple (6p), apple juice (paid)
Lunch:  tuna mayo (paid last Thurs), carrot batons (6p), tomatoes (paid), lettuce (5p), cucumber (paid), salad cream (4p),, marmalade cobbler (5p) with yogurt (paid)
Dinner:  home made pizza, bacon bits, onion, peppers, mushroom, tomatoes, cheese,  (47p)

Extra:  sour dough loaf (30p) (- no, I haven't eaten all of it - yet!), soft cheese (7p)

Spent so far (to be updated as costs are calculated)  £1.18

Sourdough pancakes - oh, my word, how delicious!  I used around 100 mls starter, a little more (by volume) skimmed milk. about 150g plain flour and a pinch of salt which I whisked together.  I had a really black banana which previously I'd have thrown away but not now.  It was soft and luscious inside and I mashed it up and used it instead of an egg in the pancake mix.  Waste not . . .
I brushed my non stick pan with oil (yes, I did miss using butter but . . . ) and cooked the pancakes.  I served two of them folded over with pineapple inside and natural yogurt drizzled over.  Very filling and absolutely scrummy, even without the butter!
It made seven at (under) 4p a pancake.  A slightly rough working out, perhaps a little overestimated and next time I will measure carefully.

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