Sunday, 19 April 2015

Breadline 19-4-15

Spent so far:  £26.79
Still to spend:  £23.21

Today's menu:
Breakfast:  Bacon sandwich (bacon 10p, bread paid), apple juice (paid)
Dinner:  roast chicken and gravy (41p), roast potatoes (14p), roasted sweet potato (10p), carrots (6p), mushy peas (8p)
Tea:  mini quiche (12p), a few oven chips (paid), tomatoes (paid)

Snack:  possibly some marmalade cobbler (5p) with custard (11p)

Today's spend:  £1.17

The pizza yesterday was great and one to do again.
I used some dough I had made and frozen a few weeks ago, consisting of SR flour and yogurt with a little seasoning and it worked extremely well indeed.  I didn't want to faff around with making tomato sauce that would be too much requiring some to be frozen, so I mixed some tomato puree with some ketchup, a dash of brown sauce and some herbs.  It worked surpringly well and wasn't yuck at all.  The toppings were some of the chopped bacon from the pack of cooking bacon, some frozen peppers and mushrooms and half an onion, sliced.  The cheese was from the grated and frozen cheese I have already costed for the month.
The resulting pizza was satisfying and it was filling and it definitely contributed to my veg intake, something that's dropped a little low at times.

Being a thirty day month, the end of today will see me two thirds of the way through the month.  It seems as if the spending is OK - I shall hopefully be a little bit 'in' by the end of the month.

I'm already thinking about next month and on Friday I bought some good strong cheddar that was extremely great value.  I shall grate it and freeze it as it has been excellent having cheese available and knowing it's already paid for.

Here's to the last eleven days!

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