Tuesday, 14 April 2015


Good morning, everyone.  It's a cool, dry early morning here and I am hopeful that it will be as lovely as it was yesterday when the children ran out to play without even bothering to ask about coats and came back in joyfully smelling of sunshine and grass.  They were so pleased to be allowed on the school field again after months of 'sorry, it's too wet' and carried the class football aloft like a triumphal banner.

I'm on early morning duty this week - another 'last time' thing although I am sure that sometimes I will have to do it when I am on supply.  We take a week turn and turn about and it's very pleasant when the weather is good, not so much so when it is bitterly cold or raining.  Yesterday was perfect!

I prdered a book last week that a friend recommended as excellent.  It's called The Quilter's Bible and is jam-packed full of information, easily understood diagrams and projects.  It came yesterday.  I haven't had time to look at it yet and it's not one I will want to read in the bath (I know, disgraceful to read in the bath, but at my age I don't care!) but it really doesn't matter if I don't get a chance to really read it for months, does it.  It won't go away!

I nearly had a 'disaster' yesterday - hardly a real disaster and a 'first world' thing, I have to admit, but . . .
This weekend I've been away so off Breadline and very nice it was too having all my meals prepared for me and eating out with friends, but how quickly habits can be destroyed.  After forgetting my school lunchbag, I had to fight the impulse to go over to Morrisons (that shop is just way too convenient for me sometimes) to buy something and then, after school, I really wanted to pop over there again.  It's a sort of habit, I think, built up over decades.  I didn't, thank goodness, and once home I was very glad that I didn't because I could very easily have destroyed the rest of the month's money on one careless shop.

My reward was a nice big drop on the scales today!

Swimming has stopped so I now have hall PE this afternoon until the juniors want the hall for their rehearsals.  Better make the most of the moments!  Next year we - I mean they - won't have that problem as there will be two halls but I can't see the new hall being finished and ready for use before the end of this school year.

I shall miss the funny little things that the children say.  Yesterday we were all waiting in lines to get into the hall for infant assembly, very quietly and patiently when Chatty Little Girl piped up.

Chatty Little Girl:  Oh, I am glad to be back at school, Mrs Clark.  I did miss you.
Me: (with a slight frown because they're not supposed to talk when lining up for the hall)  Oh, are you, that's nice.
CLG:  (not noticing the frown)  Yes, I am because I love you.  Mummy is glad too.
Me:  Is she?
CLG:  Yes - she says I talk too much and she can't get a word in edgeways.
Me:   Shhhh (with a smile and finger on lips)

And a little ripple of laughter, speedily suppressed, trickled around the adults . . .

Well, better look again at today's planning and check those resources.  Have a great day and may the sun shine on you.


  1. Did you read in the paper yesterday that being a bit overweight protects agains Alzheimer's Yippee!!!!

  2. Yes, I saw that. I thought the same but nevertheless, I could do with losing some!!! :-)
    J x