Saturday, 4 April 2015

Breadline: 4-4-15

I'll start off with a doh, Homer Simpson style.
I went back to my list of What I Have Already Paid For to check that cheese for the mini quiches was indeed there, which it was.  I also realised that coffee was also on the list!
So here's me charging myself 12p a day for four coffees when I've already paid.  So that's 36p back in the kitty!

Just to explain - it's good quality decaff, Millicano, which I love, but it's so cheap because they were on special at half price and when I see that I stock up.  Nothing to do with Breadline, I just do.

Yesterday's food cost me: £1.22
Refund of 36p
Total spent so far:  £15.36 (which includes stuff to last the month or as long as it can)
Still to spend:  £44.64

Today's food
Breakfast:  toast and marmalade, natural yogurt, orange juice (all paid already)
Lunch:  leek, potato and butterbean soup (14p), bread (paid), hot cross bun (10p)
Dinner:  small jacket potato (paid), tuna and mayo (66p), small salad (30p - a guess, using up old salad veg)

(added pm) Snack:  Stewed rhubarb (4p for the sugar, rhubarb from Beth's allotment) with yogurt (paid)

Coffee (paid!!!)

Today's total (so far): £1.24

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