Monday, 27 April 2015

Breadline 27-4-15

Still to spend:  £13.26
Already spent:  £46-74
Days left:  4

Today's menu:
Breakfast:  Granola (4p), pineapple (6p), yogurt (paid), fruit juice (paid)
Lunch:  Dhal (26p),  yogurt (paid) fruit (paid)
Dinner:  Shredded ham (42p), onion (3p), peppers (15p), peas (8p), mushrooms (20p)tomato sauce (paid), 50g pasta (4p), grated cheese (paid), marmalade cobbler (5p), yogurt (paid)

Spent so far today £1.33

Been doing a bit of thinking about the contents of my freezer and am going to change things a bit, purely for practical purposes, because at the moment I'm choosing not to use some things up beccause of possible cost - which is daft because they are already bought..

Also I had sweets left over from my birthday and they are in the freezer so kind of inaccessible.  That will be good for the old calories even though I'm not counting them.  :-)

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