Wednesday, 29 April 2015


Good morning, gentle readers.  Despite feeling quite cold yesterday, this morning is fairly mild (i.e. not frosty) and I was comfortable walking to the shed in bare feet which was just as well as my shoes were upstairs.  The sky is clear and the stars are shining.  I love the early mornings before the street lights come on; they are dark and mysterious but not threatening.

Oh, I was so tired yesterday evening.  I came home and dived into a bottle of birthday wine which was remarkably silly as I then spent the evening prowling round the kitchen trying to find something 'bad' to devour.  I didn't because there wasn't anything and, truth to tell, I don't know what I would have fancied anyway, just something!  I was so glad I am doing Breadline and didn't have anything of that sort under the roof.

Yesterday was an OK day except for one thing.  After lunch we had science and I had found a game  called the food chain game online that was just the ticket.  Out came the iPads (they love using the iPads) and they found the game via Safari, only to discover that the actual game didnlt work on an iPad.  Grrrrr.  Of course, I had found and checked it on a PC.

Fortunately the trolley of laptops was available so we did a quick swap over and away they went with the game.  I could have kicked myself for not checking the actual game but I don't know much about iPads, not having one myself.  They're good at logging on, etc, now so minimal time was waster, thank goodness.

Today, being Wednesday, is my 'interesting' day.  It's violins as it is every week, but not library this week.  In the afternoon it is PPA so that will get next week's planning more or less done and dusted.  There's staff meeting after school so I will come home rather frazzed again, I suppose.  It's just as well dinner is just out of the freezer and will only require heating up!

Have a gread day, everyone.


  1. Well done! There's a lot of hype about ipads, but they are so different to the usual windows system. They do everything differently. Jx

  2. I'm not surprised you are so tired in the evenings given the time of day you wake up. Roll on retirement and then you can sleep whenever you want!

  3. They do, Joan, and I find they are not at all intuitive. I suppose one needs to get used to its particular foibles.
    That sounds good, Sweffling. I could do with a readjustment of my sleep times!
    J x