Friday, 17 April 2015

Breadline 17-4-15

Already spent:  £33.64 (including £2.00 for of each the two days away)
Still to spend:  £26.36

Today's menu:
Breakfast:  2 eggs, scrambled (28p), toast (paid), apple juice (paid)

Lunch:  2 cheese and chive scones (2p), soft cheese (7p), chutney (5p), tomatoes (free)

Dinner:  burger (30p), home made wedges (paid), coleslaw (8p), baby tomatoes (paid), mayo for dipping (4p), chutney (10p)

Spent so far today:  94p

The scones are so cheap because some of the ingredients had already been accounted for before I made them.  The chives are from the garden.
In fact, most of what I have seems cheap because it is almost all home made.  It does make a big difference.

I've got into a right muddle with the baby tomatoes I bought on the market in half term.  I have been trying to account for them as I use them but I think I have got the maths wrong.  What I should have done and will do from now on is take the full amount off as I have done with things like oats, cheese, etc.
At the moment I am pretty sure I'm over-charging but I can sort that out!

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