Sunday, 26 April 2015

Breadline 26-4-14

Already spent:  £45.36
Still to spend:  £14.64
Days to go: 5

Today's food:
Breakfast:  Granola (4p), pineapple (6p), yogurt (paid), fruit juice (paid)
Lunch:   ham (42p),  roasties (10p), sweet potato (8p), peas (8p), carrots (6p)
Tea:  mini quiche (30p),  coleslaw (12p), cucumber (6p), celery (paid), muffin (6p)

Spent so far:  £1.38

The ham was a great find.  Beth and I went a-shopping after Christmas and found some greatly reduced hams so we bought.  I think I still have another one in the freezer for later on.  Today's one is gammon and should serve at least ten portions.  Alex will take some home and I will wrap the leftovers in individual portions and freeze them for future meals.  Ham and egg with home made fries sounds rather delicious, for starters.

I'm starting the accounts for May.  Exciting stuff < cough >.

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