Monday, 13 April 2015

Breadline 13-4-15

Back to school today.  Much more regimented plus some free fruit or carrots.  Oh, and coffee!  No complaints from me!

Spent so far:  £22.46
Still to spend:  £37.54

Today's menu:
Breakfast:  toasted sourdough crumpet (oooh, posh!) (3p), poached or fried egg (14p), orange juice (paid)

Lunch:  butterbean and veg soup (20p), apple (14p), muffin (6p)  Very cross with myself - I left my packed lunch at home.  I always keep some cup a soups in my locker so I had one of those (30p) and thanked my lucky stars that it was someone's birthday and there were some biccies (free).  Not perfect but it stopped me from going over the road to Morrisons!
The lunch won't be wasted as I will have it tomorrow instead.

Dinner:  cheese pasta (56p), peas (free - left over from Sunday),  1 portion marmalade cobbler (free), a good dollop of natural yogurt (paid), apple (14p)

Spent today  £1.17

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