Monday, 6 April 2015


Good morning!   It's going now but when I looked out earlier there was a frost!  I was umming and ahing about seeds and so yesterday on but realise that it's actually rather too early unless one has a greenhouse (which I haven't).  Hopefully today will be rather more bright and sunny than recently and I will enjoy pottering around in the garden, doing more clearing and tidying.

Yesterday's roast dinner went down a treat and there was nothing left apart from chicken.  It's amazing what you can get out of a chicken - Alex and I had a leg each, which was plenty, I carved enough for four more portions and there's two pots of 'bits' and a bowl of jelly stock.  OK, the portions are not huge but they're not stingy either and it forces some portion control.

As Beth wasn't here, I used last week's beef fat to roast the potatoes and they really were delicious.  I can see why people rave about using meat dripping but I can rarely indulge.  The Yorkshires weren't as good as they usually are and that was my fault - I failed to shut the oven door properly when I put them in.  Ah, well, they were certainly more than edible despite that.

Come the afternoon I'm afraid to say I sat down and snoozed while the telly droned away in the background.  A waste of a good afternoon but, seeing as I slept well all night, I must have needed it.  It's a fine thing when cooking a simple roast dinner makes one so tired but I am grateful for the time and the comfortable chair and snuggly fleece!

On to today.  I am just waiting now for two friends to pop in for an early coffee and to pick up some mail that they need.  Then I would like to pop down to Wyvale to look at what they have in before the crowds build up.  I've checked and they open at nine.  While I'm out, I might meander over to Lathcoats and check on the price of their eggs and get some more Dove dried yeast which I know they stock.  Recently I have been using the yeast you need to start off as I'd run out of the other.  It's dead easy, no hassle, but I like to have both kinds to hand.

Then it will be back home for coffee and some gardening (fingers crossed).

Hope you all have a good day too.

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