Wednesday, 1 April 2015


Oh, dear, the positive effects of the clocks going forward has faded and I was up at worse than stupid o'clock today. Fortunately I can snooze later on, if needed.  It feels jolly cold so I'm snuggled up in my fleecy dressing gown with my owl fleece over my knees and it's cozy.  The heating will come on soon.  The strong winds seem to have subsided (for now), which is a blessing.

What a lovely day yesterday was!  OK, so the weather was none too great.  The wind didn't let up at all and there were some very short, sharp showers, some with hail, but when you're enjoying yourself it doesn't matter.

Firstly, I finished A's quilt.  It is very bad but it's my first ever so I'm pretty chuffed with most of it and I have learnt a lot while struggling through it.  I hope A understands and accepts it in the spirit it will be given.  I also finished one of the skirts I am making for the summer.

I popped over to Morrisons to get some korma paste to make some chick pea korma for me, Beth and Alex.  Luckily, they had Patak korma sauce at half price which meant it would be better value than using paste, coconut milk, etc, so I got two jars of that.  I must look up a recipe for making my own korma paste.  Any ideas?

Once home, Beth arrived and we had lunch and then set to.  She continued to gain experience on the sewing machine as well as making some pinwheel blocks and I made the korma - very  nice and 36p per portion so can't be bad!  It was just a lovely, friendly afternoon.  Nothing 'special' but it was very special because it was relaxed and pleasant and - well, lovely!

I had a lazy evening so didn't get that cupboard sorted out but, dear me, I am sure it won't go away.

I hope your day was good too.

Today is, I think, more of the same.  I hope so, anyway!  One thing about having Easter so early is that I don't have to look out for getting April Fooled by the children at school.  Y1s were pretty unsubtle, along the lines of 'your hair is pink, Mrs Clark' but I suspect my Y 2s would be much more adventurous!

One of the halogen lights has just popped and I don't think I have any LED replacements.  A while ago I said that I would replace all the halogens with much longer lasting LEDs and I am doing so.   This means a trip out to B&Q, I think.

Breadline stuff is in a separate entry!


  1. Posted a couple of links on your FB page for you. Jx

  2. I've seen them, Joan, and responded. Many thanks, they look very useful indeed. So kind of you.
    J x

  3. Sounds like you had a lovely day. I've seen the quilt and there's nothing 'very bad' about it, Joy! I am sure your friend will be absolutely delighted with it. :o)
    Have a lovely day today.

  4. Oh, there is, Sonja, but thank you for your kind words.
    J x