Thursday, 30 April 2015

Breadline 30-4-15

Last day of the first month!  And I have survived.

Already spent:  £49.61
Still to spend (in one day???): £10.39 (that would be fun!)
Days to go: 1

Today's menu
Breakfast:  Beans ((12p) on toast (paid), fruit juice
Lunch:  Saturday soup (10p), bread and butter (paid), apple (15p)
Dinner:  Beef keema (75p), rice (15p), banana (paid) and custard (13p)

Spent so far today:  £1.40

It's funny how certain patterns have established themselves over the month.  For example, I almost always have beans on toast for lunch on Wednesday.  That's because I have PPA on Wednesday afternoon so don't have to have a quick lunch and go back to prepare - there's time to toast the bread, heat the beans and eat it in a leisurely manner.  Because I split a tin of beans in half, I therefore have the other half on toast for breakfast on Thursdays.

I always plan in some fruit juice for breakfasts but I don't always then have it.  It's planned and there if I want it though.

Therre's quite a lot of stuff that I account for before actually using it.  How I choose what to account for beforehand is somewhat unmethodical, but it works for me so it's worth continuing.

I put above that spending £10.39 in a day would be fun but, you know, it wasn't that long ago that I would spend that without blinking.  A take away and a bottle of wine would more than use up that.  I'm really glad I started this and intend to continue with some flexibility when it comes to using up freezer stuff.  Works for me!

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  1. I'm really impressed - I couldn't do so well, especially in terms of eating well and not being deprived all month