Tuesday, 21 April 2015


Good morning and welcome to a pretty chilly early morning here in darkest Essex!  Yesterday there was a very slight frost on the roofs of the houses and sheds and I wouldn't be surprised if today were the same.  I won't be risking planting my runner beans yet-a-while!

Yesterday was an OK day.  The usual lessons during the day and a meeting after school.  After school meetings are becoming few and far between now that I am not SENCo, so this one (a KS meeting) wasn't a pain at all, it just took time.  I brought books home for marking but my brain refused to work properly so I need to get stuck in this morning and get them done.

In the meeting we sorted out such life changing things as ordering stock for next year, what to change for infant sports day, the dance for the June Fair and so on.  All stuff that needed doing and I am glad some decisions were made.

Today is more of the same (without the meeting) so I'd better get going!

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