Wednesday 23 January 2013


Yesterday was 'interesting'.  After working around the needs of my student after Monday's snowday, the poor lady was ill yesterday and unable to get in.  I didn't know this until the children actually came in, although I was very concerned about her non appearance but put it down to difficulty in walking on the icy pavements.  I hasten to add that she did inform the school office but it was manic in the office with all the snow queries and they weren't able to get the message to me.  I was taking assembly, I had the children without wellies (oh, dear - the spell checker wanted to change the first 'e' to an 'i') in my bay at playtime, there was a senior management meeting at lunchtime and I also had to prepare paperwork for a meeting after school and write up feedback for a lesson observation I did after play.  As a result, I didn't have a spare moment to gather my thoughts, and get together any resources and equipment for the lessons I hadn't expected to teach (just about all of them).  Such fun!!!  Fortunately, as an elderly teacher, years of experience stood me in good stead but it wasn't the easiest of days or the best of teaching.  At least Unwell Little Boy was thoughtful enough not to puke up until he was off the carpet and on the lino (yes, he was heading towards the loo but didn't quite manage it, unfortunately).

Today (fingers crossed), student is back, it's PPA first thing and Mentor meeting this afternoon and things should calm down quite a lot.  I do hope that's not famous last words.

Actually, the spell checker thing above reminds me of a huge giggle Andrea and I had in PPA time last week when the school laptop did the same thing but automatically. We were working on the letter to the parents after the Meet the Teacher meeting when we talk to the parents en masse about what we're doing this term and other important issues like 'PLEASE make sure everything is named' and 'your child really does need a tracksuit for outdoor games when it is so cold', etc.
The draft letter contained phrases such as 'If it it raining, your child will need to have wellies' and 'If your child could have a named wellie peg to keep their wellies together . . .' and please make sure the wellies are named' and 'if your child doesn't have wellies in school . . .' and so on.  I believe there was also a comment about a wellie bag at some point.  I'm afraid by the time I'd finished undoing the automatic corrections and reducing the phrases to something more succinct, Andrea and I were helpless with laughter and becoming somewhat immature in our comments.

Better go - just looked at the clock!  Have a good day!

Taken on Monday.

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