Saturday 19 January 2013


At last we have had snow.  Not an awful lot, I have to admit, but better than none at all.  It started yesterday morning, very fine and very slight, but continued on and off all day and, it seems, all through the night too.  Nothing heavy so we have about 1-2 cms but it is jolly cold right now and they say there's more to come, possibly a more substantial amount.  Time will tell.

I made the decision yesterday morning and cancelled the Chinese and Chat.  Judging by the relief on everyone's faces and in their tone of voice and well as their words, it was a welcomed decision.  People had obviously been extremely worried about turning out after dark in the freezing cold and possibly in heavy snow.  It wasn't heavy as it turned out, but even so . . .  I am very relieved that I didn't do the usual and order the food on Thursday.  Chinese for twenty one would have been hard to deal with, frugal or not!  As everyone comes here, I am the least affected, of course, I just tidy the house and sit warm so if I was concerned, the others must have been much more so!  Disappointing, but we will reschedule.

Normally I quite enjoy playground duty.  It gets me out into the fresh air and it's fun to watch the children play.  However, it was a bit too fresh for comfort yesterday afternoon with the snow and the wind whistling through my coat and around my ears.  It didn't seem to bother the children though: they danced around joyously, catching snowflakes on their tongue and trying (and failing miserably) to scrape up enough snow for a snowman.  I can imagine the thrills this morning - poor parents all!  And if we get the promised dump from the south east tomorrow I reckon they will explode with excitement!  What is it about snow that gets them (and many adults too) so worked up, I wonder.  It's cold, it's uncomfortable, it causes problems all round and yet it is welcomed with shrieks of delight.  Humans are funny sometimes.

Today is an in day, I think.  It's bloomin' cold, I don't need to go out for anything, I have enough supplies in to live and eat well for several weeks, probably.  I *might* defrost the chest freezer though.  The circumstances are ideal - no worries about the food thawing today!  It all depends on whether I am willing to get cold!  It does need a sort out after Christmas.  So many bits and pieces got thrown in when Christmas was cancelled that it's a bit of a hodge podge and I am forgetting what I have in there.  We'll see!  George isn't coming to do the garden this morning for obvious reasons so I have a clear run all day.

And I'm going to make pancakes today.  Nice thick, comfort food pancakes.  With fruit in.  With maple syrup and cream on the top.  Or maybe bacon.  I know it sounds weird but bacon and maple syrup are a lovely combination.  I want to try the Jamie Oliver recipe I saw on TV just before Christmas.  Watch this space for feedback.

Just remembered - when I was in Morrisons yesterday I treated myself to some Green and Black drinking chocolate, so if I get frozen in the shed doing the freezer, I can warm up with a good mugful!

Photo: poor little frozen flower . . .  It might not show too clearly but it was covered with ice; you can see it shining in places.  I don't think drinking chocolate will help here, not even Green and Black organic.

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