Friday 11 January 2013


It's amazing how quickly the weeks roll around, isn't it?  It seems only a couple of days ago I was complaining that it was the end of the holiday and I needed another week of it.  The 'other week' has gone and I am feeling so much brighter and with it, thank goodness.  Very tired in the evenings, but then so is everyone.

Isn't it cold?  The forecasts seem to sway between 'chance of' rain and snow for tomorrow  and right at this moment it's drizzling outside and the ground is very cold.  I  have just been out to the freezer and really ought to have put something on my feet!  As always, I am extremely grateful for a warm home.

SEN day.  I have two meeting lined up for today, plus some paperwork that really HAS to be done.  Oh, and an observation too.  That should keep me out of trouble all day and ensure that I sleep well tonight.

In the end I didn't make gravy with that chicken stock about which I keep boring you.   I decided it would be more sensible to keep it as it is (more flexible) so there are now six little pots of thick, jellied stock (enough to make gravy for two in each pot) nestling in the freezer.  That was a jolly frugal purchase but I am sure in the olden days they would have also found a use for the bones and other yucky bits too.  They just went into the food waste bin here!  Now I need to start using some of this meat up!  Roast turkey tonight, I think, with parsnips and carrots.  Yum!

Stay warm!
Yesterday morning really was very misty and moisty (and cold)

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