Saturday 26 January 2013


Three cheers for the weekend!  It's odd that I feel so tired when I have actually done precious little teaching. I suppose I've been very aware of the teaching that has been done and sometimes the 'not in control' bit can be more wearing that being the one in charge.  It's all going well though and I'm happy with the way my trainee teacher is shaping up.

Yesterday was a Very Important Meeting that went extremely well so I finished the day feeling satisfied.  A nice way to close the week.  The rest of the day was a whirl of activity - getting paperwork ready, checking assessments, rewriting a report, dealing with child related stuff.  All go!

Today I AM off to Hobbycraft, despite the snow that fell overnight.  We had about 1cm's worth: not a lot and anyway it is now raining and beginning to slush.  As long as I can get out of the cul de sac (which I can) the roads will be fine.  I have to get yarn to finish my throw, yarn to start another throw that I can live with when it's not Christmas (because I like it very much but it's very definitely Christmas directed!) and yarn for my shawl.  Here's hoping I get enough this time!  Given that I still have half my Christmas money, I will have a good time looking round too.  Diane has mentioned on her blog that there is a book of knitted animal hats that sounds good.  Yesterday I saw one of our children in a hand knitted animal hat and it was so cute.  I must at least look at the book, if I can.
You see - I haven't been to Hobbycraft for at least three weeks and the withdrawal symptoms are shocking, made all the worse because I have money I have to spend there.

I'm seriously thinking of getting a Kindle, having downloaded the free version onto my PC and used it.  However, my subject knowledge is zero.  Any hints, tops or advice, please?  They'd be most welcome.

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