Thursday 17 January 2013


Oh, my goodness, it's cold!  Bitterly, toe curlingly cold.  According to the forecasts it's currently around minus seven and unlikely to rise above freezing all day, although, thankfully, there's no freezing fog with which to contend.  When I got into the car at about five thirty yesterday evening, having scraped the outside of the windows, I found I then had to scrape the insides too, it was that cold!  It reminded me of my childhood, before we had upstairs heating, when I used to wake in the morning to find the most wonderfully curly patterns on the inside of my bedroom windows.  I used to blow warm air to make little peep holes to see out.  I'm so thankful (again) for central heating that prevents the house from ever becoming that cold.

After a day that was quite different (as described yesterday) there was an added bonus after school because there was no staff meeting (three cheers).  I was therefore able to get everything ready for today and feel a lot less stressed right now.  A good feeling.

Today is just a normal day, whatever normal means in a typical primary school.  It will be nice to see the children and to work with them.  It will be fun to listen to them talking about their doings and to laugh with them as tell jokes.  I like normal days!

Last week I took this in the garden when it was so mild.  I must look and see how it's coping now!

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