Thursday 3 January 2013


Look at that - Thursday.  Where did the week go?  Only four days and it's back to school.  I'm afraid the days are accelerating away now and there's precious little time left to do much, not if I make rest and recovery my main aim (which I am).

I did manage to get to Hobbycraft yesterday and spent some of my Christmas money.  I came home with plenty of yarn and all sorts of nick-nacks - needles, crochet hooks, etc.  I think I've found the yarn to go with the beautiful stuff Beth gave me for Christmas.  It's a sort of mid grey with which I will do the main body of the shawl while I use the other yarn for the lacy edging.  Something I really like about the pattern is that it's not triangular shaped with all the associated 'fitting on the shoulders without falling off' issues, it's nearly circular with a 'pie shape' cut out of it, so it will drape beautifully over the shoulders and down.  That's what I'm hoping anyway.  I've started the main part and, before I get too far, I will try the lace edging, just to make sure they do actually go well together before buying any more grey yarn (I bought just one ball yesterday)
While I was searching for patterns, I found a nice one for a 'Holiday Hearts Throw' (American, as you might have guessed - why can't they say 'Christmas'?) which is red, green and white and just caught my fancy.  So I got some molto cheapo yarn to have a go at that too.  By the time I've made up a couple of the squares, I can weigh them and will know how much more yarn I need to get.
They also had some reggia yarn at £1.00 a ball (sock and glove yarn) so I got some - too good to miss really, plus some other bits and bobs in the bargain baskets.  Not on sale but rather nice was some 'shaggy' yarn to knit up into a scarf using the biggest needles I have ever used - size 20.  That should be interesting!

I was pleased with how much I got for my money, plenty of projects there, for sure, and still have almost half of it left, yay!

When I got home, I was pretty tired so I rested and snoozed and crocheted and read and the afternoon turned into evening . . . a nice way to live, eh?

Today I need to sort out downstairs and make it all neat and tidy for tomorrow.  Later on I am going out to the Hare for an early dinner with a friend.  That will be nice.  And I am sure there will be time to crochet one of the squares of the 'holiday' throw, starting by checking what the American terms actually mean!  How would we manage without Google!

Yesterday morning there was a beautiful sunrise.  Sure enough, true to the saying, by 12:30 it was raining and I drew the curtains at 3:30 to shut out the gathering gloom.  I'm glad I got some shots of the sunrise though.

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