Tuesday 8 January 2013


We all seem to have survived yesterday relatively unscathed, so I hope the children did too.  As I thought, it was jolly nice to see them all again and I got several hugs as I greeted them when they came in so it seems that at least some of them were pleased to see me again too.  Then it was straight back into work with a challenging violin lesson where they started learning how to make the note B.  Oh, it was so hard to coordinate left and right hands, even with a little chant to help.  I've borrowed a violin from the shelves so that if we have any spare moments this week individuals can have another go.

Then it was diary and I was pleased to note that they now all leave finger spaces between their words and the handwriting generally is much improved!  And so we travelled on through the day.  Playtimes were a little damp but happened and not having swimming in the afternoon was a great relief.  It's hard when the first afternoon of each week is out of bounds for anything else, just when you want to get the week's work going with a bang. 

I love the gappy smiles you get in year 1.  Several proudly showed off new gaps and baby  grown-up teeth and there were some serious comparisons regarding what the tooth fairy left.  Funnily enough, they never seem to query why she leaves different amounts in different places.  Very odd, isn't it?

Today is Tuesday but NOT playground duty in the morning, yippee.  It's my half term off.  I still have afternoon duty, but no complaints from me.  With a full day planned, it will be good to get some fresh air come the afternoon.

Well, better go and dry my hair - it'll soon be time to leave!

Aother frosty photo!!!

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